Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Recent times

Well I am about 22 weeks pregnant right now, getting bigger each day. The doctor says that I am short waisted so that the baby is going to run out of room fast than he should. We also found out we are having a baby boy. I think I am starting to get Braxton Hicks contractions occationally, but am surviving. My baby boy is sure a wiggler, he loves to just play and play, then sleep for an entire day.

We know we want to name him after Devin and Kevin (my father in law) so we are coming up with names that end in "vin" and I will tell you... its not an easy task.

In the Moore side of the family we have 8 neices and nephews. 2 of which are newly born boys. Jerret and Amy had a baby boy named Gavin, and Derrick and Monique have a baby boy Brogun. Gavin born January 11th, and Brogan February 2nd. Tyler and Tiffany are also pregnant having a surprise. They dont want to find out what they are having, so we shall see if that makes 3 boys and one girl or 4 boys in 6 months. :D We love our dear family and cant wait to bring our baby boy up to meet everyone and watch him grow. We are truly blessed.


shelese said...

Bevin, Ivin, Korvin, You are right it is hard. Maybe just Vin, lol.

Jess and Broadie said...

Melvin, Marvin, Kevin, .... :-)

shelese said...

EVIN! How could I miss Evin?!