Saturday, April 18, 2009


Finally, I just got done with painting the baby's room. I am so happy that it is complete. It looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself, concidering that Devin and I are amature painters and all.

We figured out a system with the painting. He does all the paint pouring, I do all the cleaning off the paint can after he pours, We both tape, I paint the edges (for I am more maticulous), Devin does all the rolling. All in all it only took us a total of maybe 1 and a half hours. And honestly I dont think we even need a second coat. We shall check later.

Earlier we painted the main wall, the one you see directly when you walk in to door, (which is Huge by the way) a forest green. It turned out darker than we would have liked but hey... its grown on us. The to side walls are the ones we painted today, they are a tan color. I LOVE IT! We are going to leave the last wall white, because there are so many door frames and nooks and crannys and lower ceiling and all its weird... All in all that is a really weird room, but it works wonders for a baby's room.

Everything I got down to paint by the floor I would sit.... now if you have ever been pregnant you know it is not easy to try to stand up from that position. I mean especially when you cant lean forward to get up. I would have to tell Dev, "Hun, A little help please???" and I tried to be really nice about it cuz I am sure that is not very fun. Pulling your wife up off the floor every day.... some reason or another I am on the floor every day, whether its cleaning or painting or picking up after people (0r myself). Not an easy task. Never could have thought it could be this hard.

I am now 30 weeks a long and we are so excited! Dev took me on a date last night which was way sweet. We went to Little Wonder Cafe and ate, For a small town diner, it wasnt bad. He was quite the gentleman. Then today, he got up early and helped his dad put some hitches on his trucks... yes multipule trucks. And then came over before lunch and picked me up and we went to lunch with his twin Derrick and his wife Monique. We ate at Rice King Buffet.... Not my favorite place, but hey the pot stickers are good there. We then came home and worked at that babys room... Oh what a relief to have that done. Now Dev is mowing a few lawns for people. Hes a sweetheart. And I think later for dinner we have decided to head up on the mountain and have a picnic... its to nice of weather to let it go to waste. So I best be off to make a nice dinner to travel up on the bumpy mountain. :D

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My stuck up Nose

Pregnancy does some crazy things to your body. My nose is very sensitive. Gets its feelings hurt... Lol... Any who. Yesterday I wanted to be a good wife and so I tried to think, what has Devin been asking for a lot lately... I KNOW HOME MADE ANYTHING! lol. I got the umph up to dig into a cook book, and I found a recipe that Devin has told me he thought would be good. They were Chocolate sundae cupcakes with home made Caramel sauce dizzled on top. If you know me, I am a sucker for the sweets... SO I definately didnt object.

I did think... well Devin does have Diabetes, but hey I will just take out the extras to family members! SWEET! So I started making it. EVERYTHING HOME MADE! Oh and I thought Chocolate sounded pretty good too... I got everything done and they did look good. I refrained myself from testing the final product... it being so tempting and all, I still made it! WHEW... I was happy. I started making dinner, and surprised Devin with my special dessert. He was so happy. He didnt realize that the cupcakes were home made as well until I told him, and then I saw the light bulb go off! HOLY COW! So then we drizzle the sauce on top and he eats his... he was in Heaven.

Being nice I took some to my in laws... Then to Derrick and Monique. They all loved it or so they said lol. I came home and Devin went to Fire meeting... Sitting home with these delicious chocolate sweets was not the best thing for me... until finally I decided I could have one... I took a piece and my nose caught a wiff of something that smelled like.... Now this is hard to describe. Have you ever left hot chocolate out for to long? It starts getting a desolved pill smell... pretty nasty.. I had some that sat out to long once in our bed room when I craved it in the beginning of pregnancy... not so yummy. Kinda smells like rotten milk too... Any who, I got that wiff and it ruined it for me! I COULDNT EAT ANY OF IT! It still doesnt sound appatizing at all to me... I just crave cheese cake... thats all...... My sensitive nose.... grrrr makes me so mad!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our San Diego Trip!

We just got home a few days ago from our wonderful Christmas present vacation from my parents. We went back to San Diego where Devin served his mission for the LDS church. It was absolutly wonderful. We enjoyed being there more than I think we thought we would (which was still a ton). We had many adventures, and are planning on making this trip a yearly event. We have people that told us we could go stay with them and we know it wouldnt be bad either. We had a lot of fun just going around and visiting the members Devin knew from his mission. Talking about a lot of funny stories and of course informing them about our big news. We had people ask the babys name and what not and even one guy told us well thats a weird name. We have finally decided that we will name our son Trevin Kenneth Moore. Trevin, because Devins dads name is Kevin and then Devin and then Trevin... Devin loved that idea. Kenneth after my dad.
We really enjoyed being able to go and just relax and have some time for ourselves. We were going to go for our Aniversary which is on the 16th of May but decided that I might be a little to miserable so we went early. Totally worth it. Here are a few pictures of our wonderful trip.
This is Devin and I when we were out and a bout visiting members
This was one of my all time favorite places. Its called Sea Port Village its like a little shopping mall outside on the coast. You can go and see all the battle ships and monuments and even go to the little shops right there. There is a million things to do there and I loved this view.
This is a statue at Sea Port village and you can see the guy standing next to it, so yo know how big that statue was. It was way cool.
Some Gorgeous flowers that I took a picture of while waiting for Dev to take a potty break.
Devin standing in front of a battle ship. It has a whole bunch of helicopters and air planes and what not on top.. Pictures do not do these massive boats justice.
These Ducks ATTACKED US! We were walking past the pond and they flew into our faces and we had to duck to not get hit. We turn around and they are fighting each other. the one running into the bushes was tearing the other ones butt feathers out! IT was crazy.

This is Devin and I after we went through a session at the GORGEOUS temple there. We loved it even though it was a bit windy that day.

Yeah... of course we had to get a pregnancy picture in here. Me at the temple showing off my baby bump.

We were at Sea World this day and first thing we walk in a little ways and they had this flock of Flamingos walking down the walk way. The trainers told us to hold still and they would come and check us out and walk by us. The guy standing in front of me in this pic got one that came right up to his face and was inches from his camera... wow I really wich I had those pictures. This was a really neat experiance. they were less than a foot away from us.

Devin and I waiting for the Shamu show to start. We went there first and of course it was BLAZING hot. But as soon as we got out of that stadium, oh man that was the perfect day. Later on we did get to pick up and hold star fish as well.

More of the flamingo shots I tried to hurry and get lol.