Thursday, April 16, 2009

My stuck up Nose

Pregnancy does some crazy things to your body. My nose is very sensitive. Gets its feelings hurt... Lol... Any who. Yesterday I wanted to be a good wife and so I tried to think, what has Devin been asking for a lot lately... I KNOW HOME MADE ANYTHING! lol. I got the umph up to dig into a cook book, and I found a recipe that Devin has told me he thought would be good. They were Chocolate sundae cupcakes with home made Caramel sauce dizzled on top. If you know me, I am a sucker for the sweets... SO I definately didnt object.

I did think... well Devin does have Diabetes, but hey I will just take out the extras to family members! SWEET! So I started making it. EVERYTHING HOME MADE! Oh and I thought Chocolate sounded pretty good too... I got everything done and they did look good. I refrained myself from testing the final product... it being so tempting and all, I still made it! WHEW... I was happy. I started making dinner, and surprised Devin with my special dessert. He was so happy. He didnt realize that the cupcakes were home made as well until I told him, and then I saw the light bulb go off! HOLY COW! So then we drizzle the sauce on top and he eats his... he was in Heaven.

Being nice I took some to my in laws... Then to Derrick and Monique. They all loved it or so they said lol. I came home and Devin went to Fire meeting... Sitting home with these delicious chocolate sweets was not the best thing for me... until finally I decided I could have one... I took a piece and my nose caught a wiff of something that smelled like.... Now this is hard to describe. Have you ever left hot chocolate out for to long? It starts getting a desolved pill smell... pretty nasty.. I had some that sat out to long once in our bed room when I craved it in the beginning of pregnancy... not so yummy. Kinda smells like rotten milk too... Any who, I got that wiff and it ruined it for me! I COULDNT EAT ANY OF IT! It still doesnt sound appatizing at all to me... I just crave cheese cake... thats all...... My sensitive nose.... grrrr makes me so mad!

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