Thursday, November 6, 2008

Good news

Devin and I are doing wonderful lately. About a week and a half ago we found out that we were going to have a baby. It was quite stressful wondering if we would have another miscarriage, but Devin and I prayed and took time to relax and let life take its course. We strongly believe that this baby is here to stay with us. I am now about 6 and a half weeks pregnant, and the doctors told me I am due July 1st. I am really excited and having a great time with knowing what a blessing this baby is already in our lifes.

About a week ago I started getting really nauseous and sick, I didnt even want to get out of bed. I puked every day for about 5 days. I just thought it was morning sickness, but the vitamin B6 wasnt seeming to help, and yesterday I got to the point were I couldnt controll my vomiting, which is not fun. I puked harder than I have ever in my life, and it stressed my stomache out to be achy from stressed out. I decided at that time to call my mom. I asked her if she was me, what she would do. She replied saying that she would call the OBGYN and ask her her opinion on my symptoms. I did just that, but the doctor was out of the office for the day but her nurse was still in, She told me to get an appointment with my regular doctor because she thought I had a virus or a bactirial infection. This morning I went to the doctors.................

Morings are nto my favorite, and waiting on the patient table for a long time while sick to your stomache is not my favorite thing haha. I waited for 45 minutes for the doctor to come in. When she came in she told me why it took her so long... A Patient in July got a fish hook in her finger while camping, SO she cut off the tip and left it in her finger lol. She went to the doctors to get it out and they couldnt find it and they could only feel it so she had her come back in today and they finallly got it after an hour and a half of searching in her finger for it.

Finaly it was my time, she spent about 2 mins with me and said that I had a nasty virus that was causing cold symptoms and flu symptoms. NOT FUN. She gave me a perscription and a B12 Shot. She told me to relax and what not.

I went to get my perscription filled and guess what? My perscription was a total of $121!!! NOT COOL. I had to get it though or I wouldnt be able to feel normal or capable of doing simple tasks like Laundry.

When I came home I talked to my sister in Law Amy and she told me that she has the same perscription and gets it for $27, and that if I need some she has some lol..... GOODNESS my luck. Its okay though because I need to stay hydrated and feed my baby the best I can.

We are also getting ready for our apartment to be done. We are excited for the chance of our own place. We should be, and I say should because we were suppose to be in there by October, but now its November, and he says only a week and a half to 2 weeks at the most. but we shall see.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just the other night, I was having a hard night, I was really with out really knowing it yet. I stressed out... Well Devin fell asleep when I was trying to talk to him so I got out of bed to wake him up... it didnt work. Then I played games on the computer for a few minutes and then finally threw some nail polish at him to wake him up... I know childish right? well finally he woke up. He asked what was the matter, and refused to go to bed until we talked a bit. I started feeling better and came back to bed. And a few minutes after laying there I said something to the affect of "Devin, What are you going to do when you realize I am not as good as you think I am?" And this was his reply.. make sure your sitting down. "I'm gonna stop making sandwhichs." I got a puzzled look and figured he was joking and then I repeated it to him and he sat up and said, I knew as soon as I said that I said that wrong... I thought you were talking about sandwhiches... It was in my dream I was having... I started laughing sooooo hard. So now that is our joke. We randomly say it to one another, and to tell you the truth, I started feeling better once he said that too haha.

How did you meet your significant other? Answer all the questions HONESTLY and repost as "How I met _____"

1) Where did you meet?We had a mutual friend, our friend brought him from his home town to a trappers convention where I just happened to be... I was helping with the silent ocction and he kept walking by to check me out haha.

2) What was the first thought that went through your head when you met?Man he keeps coming over here.. I hope he talks to me!

3) Do you remember what he/she was wearing?I think he was wearing a camo shirt and some jeans... which I thought looks wonderful on him....

4) Where/when was the first time you kissed this person?When he came to my house in Ephraim after his his mission... He got out of the truck (first time he'd seen me since he had been released the day previous) and hugged me and kissed me cheek and then pulled out of the hug to give me a real on.... it was amazing...

5) Who was there when you all first met?A whole butt load of people, but there was the Corey, my family, and other family friends.

6) Where was your first date?well... I suppose it was Halloween when he kissed me the first time, and he came to my house for a Halloween party that I masked with all my other friends there so I could have him come see me... I missed him

7) How did he/she ask you out?Well night we met he asked me for my number and then when he came home he asked me again for my number, and then finally asked me on a date at the Halloween party

8) Has this person ever proposed to you, if so how?Well we knew we were gonna get married he just wanted to surprise me with when. and he did. He had already gotten the ring which I knew, and Every sunday his family gets together at someones house and we eat dinner together. He took me there like always, and then after dinner I was sitting there in pjs by the way. and he said he needed to go use the bathroom, which is normal. He got in a tux, had a bouquet of roses and came in knelt beside me and said Malory will you marry me? I said Of course... because I always told him I wouldnt way yes when he asked just as a joke.

9) Do you and this person have kids together?Well we have had a miscarriage, and we think it was twins, but we will try again soon.

10) Have you ever broken the law with this person?Sure, everyone speeds with out knowing it.

11) When was the first time you realized that you liked this person?The first time we talked when my mom had him sit by me at the dinner at the convention.

12) Do you get along with his/her family?Yes and no, but for the most part

13) Do you trust this person?More than I could ever explain

14) Do you see them as your partner in your future?For sure, we are together forever and eternity.

15) What is the most expensive thing they have given you?My wedding ring of course.

16) When did you realize you were in love with him/her?When I went with his family to pick him up at the air port from his mission. As soon as I saw him, I knew I KNEW he was the one...

17) What is the thing you do that gets on his/her nerves?get over stressed and sick.

18) Where do you see each other 15 years from now?A kid or two and a house. Him an electrician, me as a medical transcriptionest working from home.

19) What causes the most arguments?Me stressing out

20) Will this person repost this?no, i doubt it

Friday, March 14, 2008

Just an update

So, lately I have been really busy. My computer broke a while back, hence why I dont update this as often as I would like. If I am on the internet its usually for about like 10 minutes checking my email and what not. I do it at work or at my fiance's house.... which that is another thing I would like to talk about.
I moved to a small town close to richfield now. I now live only about 7 minutes away from Devin. I love him so very much!!! He is my everything. Since I have moved here everything has been falling into place.. there are a few things I'd like to change but hey I cant complain, I am in love! Like I suspected in my previous blogs, Devin did purpose. :D He purposed on February 17th, a complete and udder surprise to me. We were at his family Sunday Dinner at his sisters house. Me being slightly under the weather, I was in pajamas and sweats! AND it was SNOWING!!! BAH I hate snow... any who. He left the room with out me realizing to much, and came out completely dressed up in a tux (that was to small, him barely being able to breath) got down on one knee and gave me a bouquet of 24 roses or so. Then said Will you marry me? I replied of course!!! (I always teased Devin telling him I wouldn't say yes to him asking him and so I didn't I said of course!) He gave me the most gorgeous ring. Everyone that sees it says It fits you perfect. We dont have a date set as of yet, but know we want to get married in the Manti Temple, hopefully this summer (like Junish). We have already gotten my dress and it altered and all that good stuff. We have center pieces and even the places where we want to have our receptions. We are just waiting for the go ahead by our bishop, he just wants to get to know me a little better. All in good time.
As of more recent events. I have been sick since Monday with a cold or something. I got to the point yesterday that I just broke down. My body just aches and I hurt all day long, I cant breath and I am so congested its not even funny, and nothing seems to be helping me. I was bawling yesterday because I have been so sick and I just hurt. As of today, I went to the doctors. It was pointless. I hate my doctor and will probably never go see hime every again. He told me that it could be Bronitous or Strep or just a nasty cold or something. He doesnt know at all.. It was pointless. I had to talk him into giving me a prescription... we will see. He did do one nice thing though. He did tell me that he would write me a note for work saying I cant come in if I dont feel well on Monday and however long it takes to get me better.
I am currently working at Vision Research, after less than a month of working as an agent calling people to take surveys, I am now a Supervisor. I get paid very well for this area and for my lack of work experiance. I honestly can say I do love my job in a lot of ways, its just that people make me mad sometimes... like the owner of the company. He comes and works with us and on Monday, when I got sick, I could barely think let alone drive, I tried and tried to call in to let him know that I was sick and wasnt going to be able to come in today, and he chewed me out. He said that is unexceptable, That if I get sick I need to find one of the other managers to be here (even though they were fine that day with out me) and there was only one manager that wasnt working and he couldnt cover anyways... so in turn I would have been screwed anywhich way I turned. So this week I have been working hours and hours trying to not deal with them because I wanted to keep my job... so hopefully I dont get anyone else sick.
Any who if you want to talk to me let me know. I will tell you what else is new when I can update this again. I am sorry for the long absence of my computer and of my memory hahah

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Devy Doo

Who mows the lawn? Well we dont live together, but I bet we will take turns... or he will want to do it.. we will see lol.
Who cooks dinner? We usually take turns. He likes to cook, and so do I. Last night he had Fire meeting so I made Home Made Ravioli. It was good, but he cooks a lot as well, like Home made pot stickers!!! YUM
Who drives? We usually take turns, but he tends to drive more than I do.. he likes to think of it as taking care of me Its cute :D
Who is more stubborn? um.. depends on the subject. We both have our stubborn subjects...
Who kissed who first? He kissed me.. the day after he got home from his mission, it was adorable he couldnt stop holding me.
Who asked who out first? Well thats Kind of a hard one. See our first meeting was my parents invited him, in which he spent the whole time with me.. then he left for his mission, and He invited me to the airport, then the next day He came up to a party I was throwing in which I guess I invited him.. there wasnt one Specific first date for us

Who proposed? Well..... He hasnt purposed... but he has asked my father and we are just waiting for the ring to be paid for.. I imagine Ill have it with in a couple weeks, and yes he will purpose lol. He is adorable and has it all planned out I hear.
Who is more sensitive? Well, I think honestly? That he is... how sad is that. He cries more than me... dont tell him I told you that. But yeah he is so cute. When he tries to explain how he feels for me he cant help but cry and I am the same way about him. I love him so much!
Who has more siblings? He does for sure. He has 3 brothers and one sister, all of them are married and all of them have kids.... 3 Neices and 3 Nephews, 3 Sister in laws and 1 Brother in law... me I have a brother a sister a brother in law and a neice... OYE
Who wears the pants? Well.. we kinda of feed off of one another... we just both fit into one supersized pair of jeans... lol
I love you baby... You are my everything!