Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just the other night, I was having a hard night, I was really with out really knowing it yet. I stressed out... Well Devin fell asleep when I was trying to talk to him so I got out of bed to wake him up... it didnt work. Then I played games on the computer for a few minutes and then finally threw some nail polish at him to wake him up... I know childish right? well finally he woke up. He asked what was the matter, and refused to go to bed until we talked a bit. I started feeling better and came back to bed. And a few minutes after laying there I said something to the affect of "Devin, What are you going to do when you realize I am not as good as you think I am?" And this was his reply.. make sure your sitting down. "I'm gonna stop making sandwhichs." I got a puzzled look and figured he was joking and then I repeated it to him and he sat up and said, I knew as soon as I said that I said that wrong... I thought you were talking about sandwhiches... It was in my dream I was having... I started laughing sooooo hard. So now that is our joke. We randomly say it to one another, and to tell you the truth, I started feeling better once he said that too haha.

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Stacy said...

YOU UPDATED YOUR BLOG!?! I am in shock! Welcome back to the blogosphere!