Thursday, January 24, 2008

Devy Doo

Who mows the lawn? Well we dont live together, but I bet we will take turns... or he will want to do it.. we will see lol.
Who cooks dinner? We usually take turns. He likes to cook, and so do I. Last night he had Fire meeting so I made Home Made Ravioli. It was good, but he cooks a lot as well, like Home made pot stickers!!! YUM
Who drives? We usually take turns, but he tends to drive more than I do.. he likes to think of it as taking care of me Its cute :D
Who is more stubborn? um.. depends on the subject. We both have our stubborn subjects...
Who kissed who first? He kissed me.. the day after he got home from his mission, it was adorable he couldnt stop holding me.
Who asked who out first? Well thats Kind of a hard one. See our first meeting was my parents invited him, in which he spent the whole time with me.. then he left for his mission, and He invited me to the airport, then the next day He came up to a party I was throwing in which I guess I invited him.. there wasnt one Specific first date for us

Who proposed? Well..... He hasnt purposed... but he has asked my father and we are just waiting for the ring to be paid for.. I imagine Ill have it with in a couple weeks, and yes he will purpose lol. He is adorable and has it all planned out I hear.
Who is more sensitive? Well, I think honestly? That he is... how sad is that. He cries more than me... dont tell him I told you that. But yeah he is so cute. When he tries to explain how he feels for me he cant help but cry and I am the same way about him. I love him so much!
Who has more siblings? He does for sure. He has 3 brothers and one sister, all of them are married and all of them have kids.... 3 Neices and 3 Nephews, 3 Sister in laws and 1 Brother in law... me I have a brother a sister a brother in law and a neice... OYE
Who wears the pants? Well.. we kinda of feed off of one another... we just both fit into one supersized pair of jeans... lol
I love you baby... You are my everything!

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