Friday, March 14, 2008

Just an update

So, lately I have been really busy. My computer broke a while back, hence why I dont update this as often as I would like. If I am on the internet its usually for about like 10 minutes checking my email and what not. I do it at work or at my fiance's house.... which that is another thing I would like to talk about.
I moved to a small town close to richfield now. I now live only about 7 minutes away from Devin. I love him so very much!!! He is my everything. Since I have moved here everything has been falling into place.. there are a few things I'd like to change but hey I cant complain, I am in love! Like I suspected in my previous blogs, Devin did purpose. :D He purposed on February 17th, a complete and udder surprise to me. We were at his family Sunday Dinner at his sisters house. Me being slightly under the weather, I was in pajamas and sweats! AND it was SNOWING!!! BAH I hate snow... any who. He left the room with out me realizing to much, and came out completely dressed up in a tux (that was to small, him barely being able to breath) got down on one knee and gave me a bouquet of 24 roses or so. Then said Will you marry me? I replied of course!!! (I always teased Devin telling him I wouldn't say yes to him asking him and so I didn't I said of course!) He gave me the most gorgeous ring. Everyone that sees it says It fits you perfect. We dont have a date set as of yet, but know we want to get married in the Manti Temple, hopefully this summer (like Junish). We have already gotten my dress and it altered and all that good stuff. We have center pieces and even the places where we want to have our receptions. We are just waiting for the go ahead by our bishop, he just wants to get to know me a little better. All in good time.
As of more recent events. I have been sick since Monday with a cold or something. I got to the point yesterday that I just broke down. My body just aches and I hurt all day long, I cant breath and I am so congested its not even funny, and nothing seems to be helping me. I was bawling yesterday because I have been so sick and I just hurt. As of today, I went to the doctors. It was pointless. I hate my doctor and will probably never go see hime every again. He told me that it could be Bronitous or Strep or just a nasty cold or something. He doesnt know at all.. It was pointless. I had to talk him into giving me a prescription... we will see. He did do one nice thing though. He did tell me that he would write me a note for work saying I cant come in if I dont feel well on Monday and however long it takes to get me better.
I am currently working at Vision Research, after less than a month of working as an agent calling people to take surveys, I am now a Supervisor. I get paid very well for this area and for my lack of work experiance. I honestly can say I do love my job in a lot of ways, its just that people make me mad sometimes... like the owner of the company. He comes and works with us and on Monday, when I got sick, I could barely think let alone drive, I tried and tried to call in to let him know that I was sick and wasnt going to be able to come in today, and he chewed me out. He said that is unexceptable, That if I get sick I need to find one of the other managers to be here (even though they were fine that day with out me) and there was only one manager that wasnt working and he couldnt cover anyways... so in turn I would have been screwed anywhich way I turned. So this week I have been working hours and hours trying to not deal with them because I wanted to keep my job... so hopefully I dont get anyone else sick.
Any who if you want to talk to me let me know. I will tell you what else is new when I can update this again. I am sorry for the long absence of my computer and of my memory hahah

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