Saturday, April 18, 2009


Finally, I just got done with painting the baby's room. I am so happy that it is complete. It looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself, concidering that Devin and I are amature painters and all.

We figured out a system with the painting. He does all the paint pouring, I do all the cleaning off the paint can after he pours, We both tape, I paint the edges (for I am more maticulous), Devin does all the rolling. All in all it only took us a total of maybe 1 and a half hours. And honestly I dont think we even need a second coat. We shall check later.

Earlier we painted the main wall, the one you see directly when you walk in to door, (which is Huge by the way) a forest green. It turned out darker than we would have liked but hey... its grown on us. The to side walls are the ones we painted today, they are a tan color. I LOVE IT! We are going to leave the last wall white, because there are so many door frames and nooks and crannys and lower ceiling and all its weird... All in all that is a really weird room, but it works wonders for a baby's room.

Everything I got down to paint by the floor I would sit.... now if you have ever been pregnant you know it is not easy to try to stand up from that position. I mean especially when you cant lean forward to get up. I would have to tell Dev, "Hun, A little help please???" and I tried to be really nice about it cuz I am sure that is not very fun. Pulling your wife up off the floor every day.... some reason or another I am on the floor every day, whether its cleaning or painting or picking up after people (0r myself). Not an easy task. Never could have thought it could be this hard.

I am now 30 weeks a long and we are so excited! Dev took me on a date last night which was way sweet. We went to Little Wonder Cafe and ate, For a small town diner, it wasnt bad. He was quite the gentleman. Then today, he got up early and helped his dad put some hitches on his trucks... yes multipule trucks. And then came over before lunch and picked me up and we went to lunch with his twin Derrick and his wife Monique. We ate at Rice King Buffet.... Not my favorite place, but hey the pot stickers are good there. We then came home and worked at that babys room... Oh what a relief to have that done. Now Dev is mowing a few lawns for people. Hes a sweetheart. And I think later for dinner we have decided to head up on the mountain and have a picnic... its to nice of weather to let it go to waste. So I best be off to make a nice dinner to travel up on the bumpy mountain. :D


Jessica said...

Hey.. Its jessica, im so glad i found your blog! it lokos like your trip to san diego was a success, and you met my parents! they thought you were just the cutest thing. We want to come visit really soon, boyd will call devin to see what you guys are up to. talk to you soon.

Stacy said...

where's a pic of the room?