Monday, July 13, 2009

Cabin Fun

This weekend, my mom and dad invited the Moores up to my grandmas cabin for a relaxing weekend. So, on Friday Derrick, Monique, Brogan, Sienna, Drake, Cindy, Kevin, Trevin, Devin and I went up to the cabin close to Park City. It was Gorgeous and so much fun to be able to relax and just enjoy everyones company. While we were there, my mom helped me take some pictures of Trevin for his birth announcements. They turned out quite well I believe. All in all this weekend was a lot of fun.

This picture is one of Devins Favorites

I really like this one
Grandma Jodi loving on Trevin
Brogan and Trevin relaxin on my lap
He was a little upset in this one but I still like it.
The boys playing Ping Pong
This one is my favorite one We took
Brogan wanted all the attention :D


Jess and Broadie said...

Darling pictures. I agree, I love the one that you said you loved, but they are all so cute, what an adorable little man! I am so glad you are all doing well!

Anonymous said...

He is too cute! (: Glad you had fun!

shelese said...

So adorable! I love the second to last one the best. So stinking cute. I hope that I get to meet the little guy soon!

Twitchell Family said...

Hope you don't mind, but we added you on our list of friends!

Stacy said...

SOOOOO.... after all the crap you gave me, YOU go SIX weeks without updating? Hmph!

What? Is new mommy busy? :)