Thursday, April 8, 2010

Aquarium Fun.

We took Trevin to the Living Planet Aquarium on the Saturday before Easter, since we were up visiting my parents. We had so much fun, Trevin was just amazed by the fish! At home we have a light up fish tank that have fish that go around and around on it, and Trevin loves watching it and tries to say "fishy". A few times I heard him say "fffffaaaa" which is his word for fishy. We also were lucky enough to have My sister and brother in law come with their two girls Ally and McKenzie, And my wonderful mother as well.

Trevins first thoughts
Ally Loving the Fish
As you can tell, he had a hard time holding still. Dont mind the blurry moments!

Mommy and Trevin

Trevin and Daddy

This one makes me Laugh so hard! All Three kids on a fake Fish, make sure and take in each facial expression.
Our little family
Miss Mckenzie watching the Penguins.
This fish freaked me out It was way to close for Comfort.

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Calli said...

Oh How fun!! (o; I want to take Natalie to the aquarium one day!! (O: