Thursday, September 30, 2010

With a Little Luck

I've been a bit busy, and a bit lazy when I am not busy. Just to show how much fun Ive had this summer.

Our local radio staion put on a drawing. It didnt cost anything but something inside of me kept nagging me that I need to enter that contest! Well I went to lunch with my good friend Liz and one of the entry boxs was at her work. So I finally entered my name and Devins. They called me a few nights later and told me I was a finalist. WAHOO! I kept thinking, "I'm going to win this thing, but I dont want to get my hopes up!" Well, I told Devin my feelings and he thought I was crazy, I told my mother in law, she thought I was crazy... It seemed everyone thought I was crazy if I though I was going to win this thing. Well, the day came. We went to Jorgensens where the final drawing was. I had a 1 in 53 chance to win, and thats just the finalists. They were on the air when they drew the lucky winner and they said "I better hear the person that wins this." I was thinking Crap I am not a screaming type of winner. I am more embarrassed if I win even if I am excited! They pulled my name and Devin, My mother in law and my Father in laws jaws hit the floor. I kinda did a "WAHOO" with as much enthusiasm as I could drudge up. They asked me a couple questions on the radio and Gave me the info I needed. Here is what I won!

*A swimming party for me and 50 friends
*A BBQ for the party
*A New BBQ that they used for the Party
*$100 Gift Certificate to Christensens Department store
*$100 Gift Certificate to Walmart
*A hair cut and Style at Salon 56

I was thrilled and had so much fun with everyone. They even did a "Sound Byte" for their radio station. I am not very Articulate when I am put on the spot haha! So Glad I had some friends and Family to Celebrate my winnings with me.

Just to tell you how lazy/busy I have been this happend August 17th haha!

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