Friday, January 16, 2009

A look back at the Joys

Last night while trying to sleep with a snoring husband, a moving belly, and trying to get comfortable on my side because I can no longer sleep on my stomache as easily, I began to think about the past year. I realized how many blessing have shown up in my life...

January I moved to this small town, or well close to it. I lived in Central at the time. Blessed with a caring boyfriend, family, and next door neighbor (who happened to be my land lord.)

February Devin Purposed. To all avail I was really surprised when he did, I knew it was soon but I never knew when exactly. I found a decent job that seemed to be fairly good at but wasnt exactly thrilled with the management.

April I got to move in with our good friends Corey and Emily to prepare our first house for Devin as husband and wife.

May I got to quit my job before my wedding, thrilled to be able to get away from such life sucking management. I got to Marry the love of my life in a place I had only dreampt about being able to enter. Being able to enter with my mother and go through with her meant more to me than I could ever explain. I got to kneel across the alter with my one true love and show everyone and proove to myself that I was worth this. I got to spend a week long Honeymoon with my adoring Husband, even though I came down with a cold he took care of me better than I could have myself.

June I got to celebrate Devins Birthday.

July I found the joy of being pregnant, but had it sadly taken away for a short time...

September I had my old Land lord from Central had passed away. While I at her funeral I remember a feeling.........Strong.... I believe this is what helped me be calm before I became pregnant. I leaned over to Devin in the middle of the funeral. I said to him, "Sandy is sending us a baby."

October I had found out that I was pregnant again after trying for a while. But that last time I tried I knew it was okay I just relaxed took a breath and tried not to think about it.

December we got a chance to spend time with family and friends and realize how lucky we are.

I will never forget what a challenge this last year was but what a triumph it came to be. I have also begun to have a better relationship with my father and brother. I am able to talk and have fun with no problems lately. I am surprised how lucky one person could be. I am thankful for it each and every day. Thank you every one who has helped me through out my struggles and hardships, and even my joys.

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