Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

Well today was my first mothers day as a mother. It still seems weird to me because I dont have that physical evidence that I AM a mother you know? I felt so blessed today at church and by Devin. Devin, on his very own, bought me a present.... I never said one thing about it and sure tried to make the day a special day for me. He bought me a crosauge. In his family, its been a dying tradition and he wantst to keep it going. As a scout his mom use to make crosauges for mothers day and the scouts would sell them to earn money. Then all the mothers would wear theirs around all day and of course to church. I love that idea. I think it was such a cute idea and romantic thing for Devin to think about on his own. I proudly wore that crosauge all day, even though I was a bit nervous about the pins and being in nursery, but all worked out in the end.

We had family dinner today with every one like usual BUT the boys were in charge of making dinner. It was nice to just be able to relax. The boys did wonderful. We had Steak, chicken, pinapple, mushroom, onions, and 0bellpeppers on shish cabobs. They were delicious. We had deep fried potatoe slices, YUM... roles, and a white cake with cream cheese frosting and strawberrys on top. Wow that was a delicious meal. The boys were a bit behind schedule but hey it was totaly worth it.

Devin made me look bad today too........ He had gone over to help his dad prepare the meal before church and called my mom before I did to wish her happy mothers day. She told me that Devin earned brownie point... Thats okay I think Devin really enjoys talking to my family... He sure does talk about them a lot... its all good things though.

When we got home from family dinner tonight he was even so sweet and helped me clean a couple of things and put the babys room in general places which honestly helps me relax a little. It helps me prepare myself for this wonderful little life that will help change me into the woman I know I can be and want to be.

Devin is the sweetest guy I know. He treats me so wonderful and is so caring. I love being in his presence... I hate that we dont get to spend AS much time together as I would like but all in all I think we do get a lot of time together compared to some couples. If I dont have a conversation with him as much as I would like then I just CRAVE to talk to him. To me that is love. I love how he makes me feel I love how he smiles and looks at me in that special way that guys do when you KNOW they love you. Thinking about how strong our love is for one another make me cry. It makes me wonder how I ever became this lucky. He is my everything and I cant wait to share the special experience of having this baby boy with him.

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