Monday, November 9, 2009

A few stories in a short Post

While visiting my sister this past month, I thought of her taking a picture of her daughter Ali in this sink, so while helping her I decided I'd try it. It must be a comfortable sink lol. I couldnt resist. I was helping here for a week taking care of her kids because she had her leg broken and metal bars put in to help straighten it out.

Trevin Loves his dad. I had to take a picture of him and his daddy taking a nap, sadly I woke them both up taking the picture, but it was well worth it. :D

Before Halloween, Cindy wanted to have a craft for the kids, so One afternoon we got the kids toghether and made our desert for that night. Spider oreos are way fun :D

The Middle of October, Devin and I decided to take a ride up Monroe canyon. I decided to take a few pictures up there. It was goreous. We ended up driving clear over the mountain to Marysvale! On the way we saw a potched Mountain Lion, I honestly thought HEY we should take a picture because no one will believe us... but then I figured I could get in a lot of trouble Even though I didnt do anything.

Trevin LOVES Grandma Jodi's Saucer. He plays in it every day. I cant believe how cute he is. He learns so much from this. It makes me not want him in it because he GROWS so FAST!!!

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