Monday, November 9, 2009

You think I am WHAT? And my son has WHAT???

Recently Trevin has had a bit of a cough and some mucus build up. I have been trying to make sure he is as comfortable as can be. We had to go in on Wednesday to get his second round of shots so while I was there I asked them to make sure he was okay. They Took his tempurature and said he couldnt have his shots because of his tempurature. Poor guy. They told me his lungs were clear and had a little bit of a red ear on the left side and told me to bring him in again on Monday. Well.............This has been my WONDERFUL DAY! First off let me help you understand a bit more. Devin had to go to Hanksville for work this week until Wednesday or Thursday. So I am here to run the roost by myself. I went to the doctor and they took his tempurature, and it was normal, and then his O stats and they were really good too! So I am thinking Finally we can get these shots done with. My doctor, Dixie, came in and listented to his lungs and checked his ears, she looked at me and said "He cant have his Shots today because he Either has Bronchitis or Pneumonia." WONDERFUL!!!!! She said "Take him to the Hospital and get a Chest X-Ray." Now before I left I asked about my Period. Yes our womanly curse. I have been getting my period every two weeks for the past three times. She said You are probably pregnant take a pregnancy Test. CRAP!!! I think I about fainted right then and there. I about cried as I was peeing in this little cup. Thinking How can this happen?? Then I had to go to the Hospital so I didnt get my results yet. As I drove to the hospital I am on my last string. I get there and get him all undressed for his x-ray and they say is there any possible chance you could be pregnant? I had to say YES because heavens sake I just took a pregnancy test 5 minutes previously. they couldnt let me stay in the room to help make my baby okay getting his x-ray. I almost cried as I stood outside helpless. I hate hospitals by the way. Then they brought him back out to me and said WOW he was so good!!! Then everyone in the radiology department surrounded me and did the OH MY GOODNESS HE IS SOOOOO CUTE! I swear I heard "Hes so cute" about 20 times. They send me back to the doctors. They set me in the room and I try to get the attention of the assistant and ask her if I am pregnant and she says it was negative. Wow big Sigh of relief! I sat in that room trying to figure out whats going on and finally FINALLY Dixie came in and said they havent called let me call them. She does and they said PNEUMONIA! HOLY CRAP How am I going to take care of this baby by myself and keep everything going while teaching voice lessons and everything! She Then gave me prescriptions for a nebulizer and an antibiotic. Nebulizer 4 times a day and antibiotic 3 times a day! for 7 yes 7 days. Yay for days you want to just crawl back into bed and sleep rather than run run run run run run like a crazy lady around town. Oh well. Im just glad we found out about his pneumonia in the beginning stages. If he had to go to the hospital I would have been Frantic.


Anonymous said...

Poor little bubba.. Hope he is doing we now.. It is so hard to tell when babies are sick )0: no fun!

pacebowers said...

I was seriously hoping that you were pregnant!! I miss you guys, lets get together soon!

Twitchell Family said...

I hope that he gets better soon!!! GOOD LUCK. I know how you feel being alone, Landon is working in Vegas all week for the whole next month! It sucks!