Thursday, January 7, 2010

Been a while.

Well lately it has been the craziest times in our house. Since we have been building our house it has taken up a lot of time, and also trying to get things ready to move. To update a little.........

For Thanksgiving we went to my parents house, ate, and spent the night. We sat there and debated should we take the car or truck, which we never do, and I am so thankful we took the truck. On the way there we were probably half an hour away from our destination and the car in front of us had an accident. I believe they did two rolls in their car and it was quite a scary situation. I have never had to help with an accident so the nerves were quite crazy. It really scared us because Trevin was in our truck and seeing that happen right in front of us was quite tramatic. Devin pulled over and ran to the car I called 911 and tried to find the closest mile marker. Not thinking straight, I ran down the road probably half a mile down to the mile marker. On my way I had noticed a sign next to the rail road that was the rail road mile marker, so I told the opperator about that they had found where we were before I could run all the way down there. Just to make sure I still double checked. And of course I did this all in heals. She wanted me to get back so she could ask questions at the car, so I gave the lady Devins Number. Luckily they were just fine. I ended up with blisters on my feet and a little stressed over the ordeal. Once we got in the car Devin was so happy. I couldnt understand and I asked what he delt with and he said that the lady in the car noticed her older son driving was having a hard time and one of the first things she asked was if Devin Held the preisthood. Devin got to give the man a blessing before anyone was on scene. I was so proud of him. It makes me feel so lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life. It was a weird situation. If any one knows where Rushvalley is and Vernen was the accident happened between there. There was a total of 5 ambulances there and 3 fire trucks AND 2 Cop cars! So we were covered there. We were a little late and made dinner be delayed a little while but I felt so good that I could help them! Dinner and the weekend was great. We went to black friday shopping at the sears in Tooele and got a dishwasher, range, and a micro hood for killer deals!

For Christmas time, we had way to many parties to go to, but it was a blast. We celebrated Christmas by waking up at 7 and opening presents with Kevin and Cindy! Trevin loved it. We then headed out to my Grandma Dona's house for the party at her house. Then off to Grandma and Grandpa Madsens, then to my sisters for dinner and games, and finally to my parents. It was quite a busy day but well worth it. We were so spoiled this year but loved being with family more than anything. Trevin got a high chair, crinkle book, car seat toys, pajamas, a toy that he can lay under and play with, clothes, and a sound top! He was so happy. Devin loved his GPS that Grandma Dona gave him and all the other things as well. That probably was his favorite little gaget though. I felt blessed to get a necklace from my grandma that is an heirloom now. It has a diamond from one of my grandmas rings. But wow I still felt spoiled by all the rest of my gifts as well.

For the New year we went to Jerrett and Amy's house for our anual New years eve party, playing games and having fun with friends and family!

We should be moving into our house in a couple weeks. It is getting close. I promise I am going to get pictures up its just been quite the past few months.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season. Hope You all loved it as much as I did!


Anonymous said...

Oh scary I am glad everything went ok. Glad the holidays went well. Good luck with finishing up your house.

The Lady Girl said...

Whoa that sounded like a busy holiday season! You guys were a big blessing to those people who wrecked! Gotta get some pics up!!