Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back to the Blogging world

I'm a little behind on blogging recently because Devins Laptop was Crazy slow, so we got it fixed. It took a while but we have it back now. So here are our updates.
I think Trevin looks so cute here. I just couldnt help it. He was just being sweet.
We had Great Grandma Dona's 80th Birthday Party! Look at my Two handsome boys!
We had a Tired Boy on our hands.
Great Grandma Dona and several of her Great Grandchildren!
Trevin Adores his Daddy. He thought it was cool having shaving cream on him self as well.
At Christmas time, we had a Town Christmas Party and Trevin got to sit on Santas Lap. He was tired and a little ornery, but I handed him to Santa and I was surprised. He got a big grin on and just thought it was so cool. Made my day. :D
Christmas Eve, we went to Great Grandma Nona's House and played games and had a lot of fun with cousins and relatives. Trevin didnt know what to think of unwrapping papper. He didnt care to help, so I unwrapped them for him, but when Grandma Nona gave him this monkey the first thing he did was grab it and Kiss it with everything he had. He was so excited.
Also for Christmas He got a light up fish tank. He loves to sit and watch the fish go round and round. Thanks Great Grandma Dona!
Trevin Loves his food. For a while it was more on his face then inside, but he has gotten better lately. Although, He HATES Peaches.
Before church a couple weeks ago, I thought trevin looked so cute I had to take some pictures. Just remember he is the focus in this picture not me. Haha.

Daddy and baby just loving time together.

Trevin Learned to crawl a few weeks ago. He is everywhere. And pulling himself up. I am in trouble now!

You may think I am crazy for putting this picture up, but I think it explains Trevin. He LOVES to make faces at people. I gave him to Grandma Jodi and I took probably half a dozen pictures and each on had a funny face. Everytime I see him, He makes me laugh. He makes my day and he makes my life so special. I love him with all I have. I know how lucky we are to have him, and I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family to care so much about my baby, and my family. We love all of you. Thanks for all you do!

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Anonymous said...

He is growing up soo fast! He is stinking cute!! I am glad he is doing well and that everything has been ok! It is so sad to see your babies hurt.. But I love the infant gowns the or has.. I think they are freaking adorable!! (o: