Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Beginnings

Alright so, here we go right? lol. Well Since I last wrote, a few new things have happened. I have gotten sick... no fun... All thanks to Devin. He got me and Tiffany both sick, but to make it up, he brought be me flowers the other day. He said it was my medicine. It was Dang cute. I have been in and out of talking to my family, doing what I can and doing basically everythign I can to talk to and See Devin Every day... Since he has been home I have seen him every day. I knew I loved him but today... well it came very evident to how much I care for him. Devin left today at 6 AM to head back to San Diego to visit his mission area, and to aslo have a family vacation. Me being sick.. I stayed in bed a good chunk of the day. All I thought about today was him... I miss him... I never knew this kind of "missing" I feel as if a piece of me is gone.. I usually see him around 6 or so.. and I noticed I got the sickest feeling in my stomache at that time today and it wont go away. Recently I figured out what it is. I have only experienced it once before.... When my parents and siblings went to Iowa for a school function, leaving me with My grandma. I got so sick literally sick after they left. I was puking and just everything... no fun. Well as soon as they got back, I was perfectly better again. It was home sickness... I am home sick for Devin... I have no doubt. I miss everything about him, the way he looks at me, the simple little looks he has, facial expressions, the cute things he says, the fun crazy times, just everything about him. I still have 3 more days to go before I see him. I wil either see him late Sunday or Monday night... bah!!!! Its not fair. When he called me tonight, he resembled everything I was feeling, saying he wished I were there and that he loved me and felt homesick... I miss him... I hope to see him again soon. I also had a talk with my mother today about him. I told her that Him and I were in love and that ya someday we will get married.. but we want to take it step by step. she is frustrated but accepting. Its all going to work out... some day :D

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